The CASN Demonstration Site

Within the SymbolicData Project the CASN subproject – Computer Algebra Social Network – is a first pitch of a “Facebook like“ communication infrastructure about the scientific activities within the CA community using a modern RDF based "Web 2.0" approach. We refer to our wiki for more information about CASN goal and concepts.

Past Conferences

The following list of Past CA Conferences is extracted from the CASN Past Conferences Database. The heading of each conference entry links to the corresponding CASN Database entry that may contain more information (organizers, invited speakers, deadlines etc.) about the conference.

The information is displayed for the year 2012. Use HTTP Get Parameter as in info/pc.php?year=2002 to display available information for another year. Conference records are available until 2018.

SymbolicData Arbeitstreffen und Workshop
2012/12/13 – 2012/12/15 in Leipzig.
Conference URL:

Herbstschule Tropische und Polyedrische Kombinatorik
2012/10/09 – 2012/10/12 in TU Darmstadt, Germany.
Conference URL:

Herbsttagung des AK Mathematikunterricht und Informatik der GDM
2012/09/28 – 2012/09/30 in Soest.
Conference URL:

Jahrestagung der DMV
2012/09/17 – 2012/09/20 in Saarbrücken.
Conference URL:

Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing (CASC 2012)
2012/09/03 – 2012/09/06 in Maribor, Slowenien.
Conference URL:
Conference Series: CASC: International Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing

Third SINGULAR-GAP Developers Meeting
2012/08/27 – 2012/08/31 in St. Andrews, Scotland.
Conference URL:,-27-31.-August-2012,-St-Andrews

ISSAC 2012
2012/07/22 – 2012/07/25 in Grenoble, France.
Conference URL:
Conference Series: ISSAC: International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

CICM 2012 - Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
2012/07/08 – 2012/07/13 in Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.
Conference URL:
Conference Series: CICM: Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics

Workshop on Group rings and related topics
2012/06/25 – 2012/06/29 in University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Conference URL:

ACA 2012
2012/06/25 – 2012/06/28 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Conference URL:
Conference Series: ACA: Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Efficient Linear Algebra for Gröbner Basis Computations
2012/06/04 – 2012/06/08 in Kaiserslautern.
Conference URL:

Symbolic Computation and its Applications
2012/05/17 – 2012/05/20 in Aachen.
Conference URL:

2012/05/10 – 2012/05/12 in Kassel.
Conference URL:

Gap, Polymake and Singular meeting
2012/03/29 – 2012/03/30 in FU Berlin, Germany.
Conference URL:,-Polymake-and-Singular-meeting,-29-30.03.2012,-Berlin

SPP 1489 Annual Meeting
2012/02/27 – 2012/03/01 in Hannover, Germany.
Conference URL: